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100% Mulberry Silk Exfoliation Mitt

100% Mulberry Silk Exfoliation Mitt

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Exfoliation Mitt - 100% Mulberry Silk

Our silk exfoliating mitt gently removes dead skin and fake tan from the body. It also helps relieve common skin conditions such as keratosis pilaris, skin pigmentation, acne and ingrown hairs. 

The mitt is made from 100% Mulberry Silk, short strand, giving it the perfect texture for amazing exfoliation results! 

Here's how it works:

  1. Soak your skin in warm water for 5-10 minutes - works best in the shower.
  2. Dampen the mitt with warm water.  
  3. Step away from the water stream
  4. Using long strokes, gently rub the mitt all over body. This will remove dead skin, dirt and even fake tan! 
  5. Rinse off and make sure you moisturise afterwards!

The result? Soft, healthy, glowing skin! 

Replace your mitt every 3 months for best results. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
So worth it

I've used this every few days and my skin is so soft! It really removes the top layer of dead skin- with a little bit of vigorous rubbing.. Where has this been all my life!!!


I am so amazed how the silk mitt has met my expectations.
I just thought of giving a try reading customers reviews, I am glad I tried. It’s absolutely a game changer so easy to exfoliate your skin.
I definitely recommend this product. Will definitely buy in future too as I totally loved this product.

I cannot deal!

I was so unsure of how the silk mitt would work but when I tried it I was so surprised at how effective it was.

These are way better than normal exfoliating gloves, my skin has never felt more smoother and brighter as well!

You need this in your life

This exfoliating glove literally exceeded all of my expectations!

It's not super rough like a lot of exfoliating products are, but the amount of dead skin that came off my body was amazing. My sister who got a a mitt too and also suffers with eczema, said the exact same thing.

Such a great product for those who suffer from really dry skin like me or who has really sensitive skin!

Brooke Clark
A game changer!

I've used products similar to the Silkit mitt in the past, and I found them to be quite abrasive and left me feeling really raw and sore.

Not the case with this! I had a hot shower (only 5 minutes), and then gave myself a scrub. I absolutely shed like a snake and it was lovely. The pressure needed wasn't as intense as a body massage, and I got brilliant results- the only way I think it would work better is if I'd had a long soak in the tub before scrubbing to really soften up my skin. New staple right here!